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Top Reasons to Own a Specialized Vacuum For Wood Flooring


The rich and lustrous beauty of hardwood is unrivaled. Hardwood floors are the classiest but they are also very hard to maintain. To maintain the rich color of the wooden surfaces and keep the wood in top condition is a tall order. This is why vacuuming is the best way to get around the problem. The home environment is very demanding because people will keep bringing in dirt and debris into the house. This dulls the wooden floor surface and scratches it, making it look older than it actually is. As such, daily cleaning is a must for hardwood.

Beautiful Hardwood FloorGet The Right Vacuum

The main reason for making sure you have the best hardwood floor vacuum available to you is so that you can avoid unnecessary scratches caused by most regular vacuums, or at least the ones not designed for cleaning wood floors specifically. This is why you need to get a vacuum that is padded on the surface. It should also be light in weight to ensure it does not exert any pressure on the wooden surface. An upright vacuum or a canister vacuum will work just fine for cleaning wooden floors. Ensure you also choose a soft brush that is specially designed to clean wooden floors for the best results. Fit the brush into the canister vacuum and get working.

Where to Clean

Dirty Hardwood FloorVacuuming is an easy task when you have the right tools. Concentrate most on the traffic areas like the hallways and rooms where people frequent. These include the living room and the kitchen. Get a crevice tool or a small brush to clean corners and small spaces. Push the vacuum gently on the hardwood surface and make sure all the other clutter is removed.

This cleaning should be done on an every day basis for the most commonly used areas of the house. One may clean bedrooms and other less frequented areas on a less frequent basis.

How to Clean

Vacuuming hardwood is easy. The first point to note is that you should go along the grain of the wood when vacuuming. This is when you will get rid of most of the dirt and debris. To make cleaning easier, you can also invest in small hand held vacuum cleaners. This will make cleaning the floor a simple and mundane activity that can be done in a few minutes. Entry ways should always have small rugs where people can step before entering the house. This will catch most of the dirt and keep the hardwood floors cleaner for longer.

Ease of Maintenance

Hardwood floors are the most easily maintained surfaces. Compared to tiles and linoleum, one will agree that the hardwood floor takes little time and effort to clean compared to the others. It is also very convenient for larger houses and work places that have a large area to clean. For example, cleaning a tiled floor of this enormous size would seem like a punishment. On the other hand, a hardwood floor will just need to be vacuumed, an exercise that one can do easily in less than thirty minutes. A vacuum for wood flooring is a good idea because it can actually help keep the moisture away. This prevents rotting and foul smell since wood absorbs a lot of water. This is why one cannot use a mop to clean the hardwood floor.

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