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Are Handheld Vacuums Effective For Cleaning Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood FloorsThere’s no denying that hardwood floors look classy and makes your home feel more cozy and warm. But they come with a host of downsides too, most important of which is that they are hard to maintain as they are delicate compared to a concrete floor.

In this article, I’ll talk about one of the best handheld vacuum I found from Home Floor Experts, and how it can be effectively used to clean your hardwood floor – laminated or natural – and maintain it in pristine condition, just the way you want it to be.

To get started, lets pit the handheld vacuum cleaner against the traditional dust mop and see how it fare against it.

Handheld Vacuum For Hardwood Vs. The Old Mop

The Advantages:

I have been asked a lot of times if handheld cleaners are just as effective for cleaning wooden floor, and my answer always remains the same which is, “Yes, vacuum cleaners are just as effective as any other method for cleaning hardwood.” In fact, I would recommend it over other traditional methods of cleaning including the most common of all – the dust mop. Read on to find out 3 reasons why a handheld vacuum is more effective for cleaning a hardwood floor:

  1. PORTABILITY: As with all things handheld, the handheld vacuum is extremely portable. You can carry it anywhere you want and even use it to clean your car. The compact size will help you clean even the remotest of corners around your house.
  2. AVOID SCRATCHES: Vacuum cleaners – handheld or normal – takes less time to clean your floors, and does it with zero chance of leaving scratches or marks on your prized hardwood. You cannot be sure about this in the case of a dust mop.
  3. EFFICIENT: A handheld vacuum cleaner cleans much better than a traditional mop with a much lesser effort, thanks to all the technology that goes into making them. By virtue of its ability to lift of more dust than your mop without touching it, it saves you the money and time to polish your floor. There are statistics that supports that the use of a vacuum cleaner actually reduces the need to burnish your floor by a significant 60-65%.

The Disadvantages

Although ‘handheld’ vacuum cleaners are usable as a day-to-day cleaning machine for your wooden floor, there are several disadvantages that comes with them and it is imperative that you know them. if you are a live in a house with a hardwood flooring or a prospective owner.

  1. SUCTION: Due to its limitation in-size, most handheld machines suffer from lack of adequate suction power to effectively clean. However, newer models such as the Dyson DC 34 comes with the Root Cyclone Technology to solve this problem relating to loss of suction.
  2. POWER: This is the Achilles heels of handheld vacuum cleaners. To generate the optimum amount of suction required by the vacuum to clean, the batteries runs out a little bit faster than one might want them to be.
  3. PRICE: The numero uno reason is that vacuum handheld cleaners are expensive, especially if you want a reliable product that will do the job effectively. Popular handheld machines like the ones from Dyson like the DC series doesn’t come cheap at $200+ a set.

The Verdict

If you need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, by all means get a normal size vacuum cleaner. It will be a better investment for your money and will last you longer. But, if you are small to mid size homeowner who needs a portable solution for cleaning your hardwood floor then look no further – the handheld vacuum cleaner is the one for you. In both cases, having a vacuum designed for hardwood floors is the best option and will always be more effective than using a general purpose cleaner.

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