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Is it Better to Buy an Expensive Vacuum?


This is a dilemma that is faced by many home owners. When you are budgeting for a vacuum cleaner, you might be asking this question.

The truth is that, price should not be the deciding factor for purchasing a good cleaning machine. There are certain functions that all vacuum cleaners perform, regardless of how expensive it is, and every home or facility has more or less requirements of all these basic functions.Expensive Dyson Vacuum

Parameters to Consider

As per the kind of cleaning you need and frequency of usage, you need to review models that are available in the market. There are experts who conduct reviews of the latest models and they base their tests on the following parameters:

  • Pet Hair in Vacuum CanisterRemoving dirt from carpets, especially from the edges and corners.
  • Removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery.
  • Ease of use.
  • Noise produced during operation.

Not every homeowner will have pet hair as a priority.

While carpets are the common objectives for vacuum cleaning, upholstery and hard floors are also to be considered for cleaning purposes.

How well a vacuum can perform such tasks and comes of use will help one to shortlist the models or brands they can look at.

Mid Priced Vacuums Are The Best Bet

Most experts will say that mid priced vacuus are best buys in the market. However, low priced options cannot be ruled out as well.

Some low priced vacuum cleaners are known to clean efficiently and with less noise. However, the weight and design of the models also need to be considered.

Choose a Model

When you are choosing a vacuum cleaner, first focus on the kind of function you will perform with it. Also, the physicality of the model is important.

If you are going to lug the cleaner up and down stairs, you need a small, versatile model. Canister vacuums are better suited for such purposes.

On the other hand, if you have large, carpeted areas to cover in one floor, upright models are better choices. You can also consider a handy handheld vacuum too, but this should not be your main cleaner.

Functions You Require

As per the function you want to perform, cheaper models are usually ideal for cleaning hard floors. For carpet cleaning, you need a machine with good suction power.

When it comes to picking up pet hair from carpets, you need one that also has a turbo brush.

Review Before Buying

As per such information, you can shortlist the vacuum cleaner models that are suitable for your use. You can then shortlist the brands that offer such models.

Reviews of the brands will reveal the pros and cons of the different models and price ranges.

When reviewing brands and vacuum models, keep an eye out for reliability ratings.

Many low cost models have received good ratings in the market. Customer feedback is obtained on many tech review forums. Consumer forums and discussions are great sources of information on specific products.

Would You Buy a $1 Million Vacuum?

Finding Bargain Deals

Once you have identified the right product as per functions and reliability rating, you can be sure of making the right choice. Opt for deals and discounts on the model you have chosen. That will help you get the desired vacuum cleaner at a great bargain price.

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