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Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner For Wood Floors


Best Canister Vacuum For HardwoodAre you looking for a vacuum cleaner that will keep your wood floors sparkle and shining all the time? Wood floors are not always the easiest to maintain. So you will need to go for a cleaner that is specifically designed to clean hard surfaces. If you are looking for a machine that will keep dirt and dust at bay, then a canister model cleaner is your best bet.

Today when the market is floored with so many different canister cleaners, choosing the right one that will suit your needs can prove to be a tedious task.

Here are a few useful tips from Topsinnj on how to choose a good canister vacuum cleaner for your hardwood home:

  1. Before choosing a cleaner, it’s always good to consider a few factors such as what kind of wood floor you have, whether or not you plan to clean the dusty areas and most importantly, what is your affordable budget.
  2. All the best vacuums available today comes with a wide range of standard tools such as: A hard plastic brush-head with very soft bristles; A turbo brush that has a spinning drum roller with harder bristles designed specifically for removing pet hair; A power brush equipped with a separate motor head. Hence, it’s very important that you buy a vacuum equipped with the right attachments that helps reach every nook and corner of your house.
  3. To avoid maximum damage to the delicate wood floors, make sure you get a canister that is both lightweight and has casters or wheels making it easier for moving the device around.
  4. Filtration is one of the important aspects of any cleaning system. Therefore, in order to ensure a sparkling clean finish every time, it’s always best if you choose a canister that comes with an efficient filtration system such as HEPA filter.
  5. Other factors you may like to consider include power consumption, operating costs, length of the power cord, and the noise it generates in operation.

Keeping in mind all the key points mentioned above, some of the best canister vacuums are:

  1. Miele S5281 Callisto – This top quality cleaner is one of the best available in market today. It comes with some exceptional features like HEPA filtration, leak-proof vacuum hose, built-in tool storage compartment, swivel casters, airflow indicator and overheat protection. In short, this canister cleaner is equipped with everything that can leave your floor spotlessly clean. Moreover, it is light- weight and the attachments are easy to use. It comes with two separate attachments, one for carpets and another for hard floors. It makes very less noise and is also easy to maneuver. This multi-purpose, high-quality and reliable canister works perfect on almost everything, be it around and under furniture, sofa cushions, carpets and hard floors.
  2. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G – This is a wonderful cleaner, weighing less than 9 pounds, is one of the most lightest cleaners you will ever see. Though small and lightweight, it provides powerful and effortless performance for cleaning hard floor surfaces. It is also very maneuverable and removes even the tiniest dust particles and pet hair settling on floors and carpets. This model comes with an extra long power cord, a standard filter and tools such as dust brush, crevice tool and blower port.
  3. Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E – This budget-friendly vacuum cleaner provides an exceptional performance for cleaning hard-surface flooring. It comes with five different suction speeds thereby, enabling you to clean a variety of surfaces effortlessly. This canister cleaner is easy to maneuver, and has a quiet motor and a cord-rewind feature. In addition, it is equipped with HEPA filtration, Bag Change Indicator and LED lights making cleaning so much easier than never before.

Other recommended canister vacuum cleaners include Miele Silver Moon, Sanyo Powerboy, Sebo Canister 3.1, Bissell DigiPro, and Eureka Oxygen 6996.

Since there are so many models to choose from, it’d be better if you spend some time doing your research on the current models, read customer reviews and take opinion from friends and family. This way you can save money and not regret your buy in the long run! You should also consider investing in a handheld vacuum, which can be super effective for cleaning those hard to reach places on your wood floor.

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